Welcome to Casa das Santiagas!

About the house:

These photographs show the original construction of Casa das Santiagas, which took place over a century ago. Initially, seven people lived there: a mother and her six children.

Over the years, and as happens in all families, each one built his own path. But, fortunately, the matriarch was not alone. Until the end of her days, she lived in the company of one of her daughters, with the two becoming known around the neighborhood as the “Santiagas”. That’s where our house’s name comes from.

In 2003, we appeared. We fell in love with the land and felt it was the ideal place to build the holiday home of our dreams. Almost two decades later, these walls already have many stories to tell. Many moments lived in family and with our friends. Days we will never forget!

About us:

The Sociedade Agrícola Coelho da Rocha, Lda. started its activity in the agricultural business in 2005, with the exploration of an area of ​​kiwi fruit. It is now starting a new phase with this rural tourism project, owned by one of the society’s family members.

The main objective is that it is the perfect refuge to enjoy nature and recharge energy, allowing a memorable stay in an intimate environment.

Where are we:

Casa das Santiagas is located in Covelas, municipality of Arouca, in the district of Aveiro, in a quiet, peaceful area away from the confusion of big cities. It is 30 minutes from the center of Arouca and Serra da Freita and about 45 minutes from Passadiços do Paiva. It is 30 minutes away from the city of Porto, and most of the journey is by highway.

The surrounding area is suitable for hiking and cycling. In addition to the surrounding forest, it is possible to visit some small waterfalls nearby. The property is also surrounded by  agricultural exploration, in which our kiwi orchard stands out, where you can follow daily activities.